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Give to your favorite charities with total flexibility and take the tax deduction today for grants you make in the future.


You believe in doing good. You know that your gifts to charitable organizations bring real change for a better world. Now you can have the flexibility to give wherever and whenever it’s needed. Fund your account with cash and securities today, and you will receive one tax receipt that you can use right away. Then you can manage your giving over time, and grow your fund through managed investments and additional contributions.

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Organize your philanthropy and create a lasting legacy.

Adding money into your Gift Fund account is a tax-deductible donation.

Select your favorite causes and recommend grants at any time.

Grow the funds that you and your successors will grant to charities.

Donor Advised Fund or Private Foundation?

Both vehicles can be designed to help meet your tax goals and carry the family name into the future.

Which is right for you?

Tax benefits of giving with a DAF account:

  • Receive a charitable tax deduction up to 50% AGI (currently 60% for cash contributions) on each contribution per year.
  • Contribute appreciated securities, avoid capital gains, and deduct up to 30% AGI.
  • Manage one tax receipt.
  • Select investment options and proceeds grow tax-free.
  • Minimize estate taxes on contributed assets.
  • Eliminate a private foundation excise tax or 990-PF tax return.
  • A DAF account can also serve as a complement to a private foundation.
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