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Tax efficacy is a long-standing benefit of philanthropy in the United States, since the IRS recognizes charitable contributions as a viable tax deduction. Make charitable giving part of your clients’ long-term tax strategies—not just at year end—and help them reduce their taxable income, avoid capital gains, and minimize financial burden.

Tax benefits of giving with a philanthropic account:

  • Receive an immediate charitable tax deduction up to 50% AGI (currently 60% for cash contributions) on each contribution per year.
  • Contribute appreciated securities, avoid capital gains, and deduct up to 30% AGI.
  • Manage one tax receipt.
  • Select investment options and proceeds grow tax-free.
  • Minimize estate taxes on contributed assets.
  • Eliminate a private foundation excise tax or 990-PF tax return.
  • A philanthropic account can also serve as a complement to a private foundation.

All assets are not equal. For example, an appreciated security donated directly to charity, rather than sold first and then gifting the proceeds, enables the donor to maximize the value of the gift.

Optimize a client’s estate

Including philanthropy in estate planning allows clients to ensure remaining assets are managed—and charitable intentions honored—after they die. The American Gift Fund can help your clients pass charitable assets to the next generation in a way that reflects their philanthropic values and minimizes estate taxes.

Your clients can start donating anytime, while working, or early in retirement. Or, they can choose to defer giving and establish philanthropic accounts as part of their wills. Either option will reduce the tax liability of a transferred estate and be an effective tax planning strategy.

As part of your client’s charitable estate plans, American Gift Fund may be named a beneficiary to the following:

  • 401(k) or other retirement plan
  • Individual retirement account (IRA)
  • Life insurance policy
  • Trust
  • Will

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